― About gathering the personal information ―

AAAPARE Corp. considers itself as corporate to be important to recognize the importance of management of the personal information gathered from customers as a result of the business activities.
AAAPARE Corp. determine the below personal information protection direction, and both the directors and staffs will be bound to protect these personal information.

1)Management and collection of personal information

AAAPARE Corp., in order to provide services to the customers, will be required to collect personal information from the customer.
We will specify the purpose of use of the collection otherwise requested under the applicable laws (Please understand that if the customer does not provide personal information, then there is chance that the service may not be used.)

<About collecting the personal information from this web site>

The information registered by this web site is protected by SSL thru the networking security. Also, we will openly indicating that the personal information will be collected. For those users who browse the web site only, the personal information will not be collected.
In additional, we will take preventive action to prevent the inappropriate access of personal information, the loss, damage or changes or leakage of such information.
However, if in case it happens, we will take the proper and fast action to correct it.
If the customers would like to change or get to know what information is being collected, please contact our contact window for assistance.

2)The use and purpose of use of personal information

AAAPARE Corp. will not take personal information without customer prior consent over the required area to achieve the usage purpose which is notified to the customers.
AAAPARE Corp. has set the purpose of use of personal information as below. In additional, if there is a need to collect information beyond the below purposes, we will be contacting the customers in advance.

(1) Contacting due to business in relation to our products and services which the customers purchase;
(2) Providing our products and services;
(3) Providing information of the products and services which we are providing to.;
(4) Providing information of seminar, road show…etc which we organize;
(5) Request of our customer survey;
(6) Responding to your requests and/or enquiries;
(7) Contacting and providing information for the candidate who would like to join AAAPARE Corp.; and
(8) Other purposes which the customers agreed with the purpose before hand.

3)Providing information to the 3rd party

We will not provide the personal information collected from the customers to 3rd party without the prior consent from the said customers otherwise required under the applicable laws.

4)About the disclosing and amending of the personal information

If the users would like to stop, amend or change the personal information which we collected from the customers, please fill in the attached “Disclosure, Amendment and Delete, etc. of personal information” file and send back to us. (If do not understand whom to send, please send to “about the personal information enquiries” by email.)
In additional, in order to confirm the request, there we may be contacts from us to the customers.




弊社は、下記のように個人情報保護方針(以下、「プライバシーポリシー」という)を定 め、役員及び社員一同、個人情報の保護に取り組んでまいります。

― 個人情報の取り扱いについて ―




弊社Webサイトからご登録いただく情報は、ネットワーク上のセキュリティ対策として、 SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)データ暗号化技術にて保護されております。
また、弊社Web サイトから個人情報を収集させていただく場合は、その旨を明示しており、Webサイトを参照しただけでお客さまの個人情報が収集されることはございません。



(1) お客様が弊社より購入された商品・サービスに関する業務上のご連絡
(2) 商品・サービスのご提供
(3) 弊社が取り扱う商品・サービスに関するご案内
(4) 弊社が開催(主催・共催・協賛・後援)するセミナー・展示会などに関するご案内
(5) アンケートのご依頼
(6) お客様からのお問い合わせまたはご依頼などへの対応
(7) 入社希望者の採用選考に関わる連絡および情報提供
(8) その他、お客様に事前にお知らせし、同意いただいた目的




弊社が収集させていただいた個人情報に関して、内容の開示、訂正(追加・削除)、利用停止などを希望される場合は、弊社指定の「個人情報開示・訂正・削除等依頼書」 に必要事項を記入の上、当社担当者へお送りください(当社の担当が不明な場合は「個人情報に関するお問い合せ先」へメール添付にてご送付ください)。